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Archive for September, 2006

Apple Got It Right In The End

This is a consumer’s tale. It starts ugly, but ends in the right place. A couple weeks ago, my iPod Nano died. iPods have a “lock” switch on them that turns off the wheel control so you can shove it in your pocket and not inadvertantly turn the volume up to 11. I got on […]

MassINC Analyzes the Gubernatorial Primary Results

Last week I drafted an analysis of the primary results, but it wasn’t gelling, and I didn’t publish it. I’m very glad I didn’t. I would have been put to shame by the excellent analysis by Robert David Sullivan at MassINC. His analysis backs up the common wisdom that it’s Deval Patrick’s race to lose. […]

New Tabblo Feature: Blog Badges

You recall that I was testing a new feature on Tuesday when the sprinkler disaster occured.  We released it last night – only a 24 hour or so delay.  Antonio blogged about it on the Tabblo blog.  You can see mine on the left-hand side of the page.  And – you can make your own!

Marmaduke Explained

What I found funny on the web today: Marmaduke Explained.

Ignore the Harpoon Tabblo Post

If you read this by coming to my website, you can ignore this message. For those of you with RSS readers, please ignore the last post I just made. I was testing some new Tabblo feature stuff, and I inadvertantly published a link to our test environment. You’d be really bummed if you made a […]

Disaster at the Office

I was at my desk. I was doing the final QA cycles on a new mini-feature (if you use Tabblo, and you have a blog, you’ll like it, but it has been . . . delayed by events). The feature was working for most cases, and Eddie and Dave were ironing out the final implementation […]

Dollars Per Vote

I reviewed Gabrieli’s campaign spending on the OCPF website. It looks like he spent $9.4 million in his primary campaign. He got 248,000 votes. That works out to $37.93 per vote. Winning, of course, makes you look good: Patrick spent $4.9 million to get 452,000 votes, or $10.80 per vote. That’s still a lot of […]

Manny and Theo, Theo and Manny

My favorite Red Sox reading is a comic called Soxaholix. I guess it is a blog, but it’s not in the standard model. Today’s episode is typical. Good critique of Boston media. Witty writing – check out the “arms” entendres. Good links to content on the web. And, best of all, the comments. The Sox […]

The Week In Review

I haven’t found my writing rhythm yet, as evidenced by this week’s output. Catching up with a grab-bag of topics. It was a very busy week. We pushed a bunch of minor features and good bug fixes that kept me hopping. I had lunch on Tuesday with Jason Butler. He’s at with a very […]

Chavez, Chomsky, and Dershowitz

As everyone knows, Chavez’s rant at the UN has spawned a spike in sales for Noam Chomsky. It also has brought out some quality Chomsky bashing: But Alan M. Dershowitz, the lawyer and Harvard Law School professor, said he doubted whether many of the current buyers would ever actually read the book. “I don’t know […]