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Disaster at the Office

I was at my desk. I was doing the final QA cycles on a new mini-feature (if you use Tabblo, and you have a blog, you’ll like it, but it has been . . . delayed by events). The feature was working for most cases, and Eddie and Dave were ironing out the final implementation details while I was trying to break it.

Suddenly, I heard shouting and a loud roaring noise. I jumped up and ran to the door of the office and was met by a spray of water. The sprinkler was hosing down the central hallway outside the door. I turned back inside and Dave closed the door. Eddie, Dave, and I ran around in circles lifting computers, hubs, power cords etc. off the floor and onto high ground as fast as we could. Water was coming in under the door at a good clip, and the fire alarm had started to go off.

We opened the door and scooted across the hallway to the fire exit on the opposite wall, and went outside. We had time to catch our breath and contemplate (dread) what was happening to our office. The fire trucks came and, a few minutes later, the water slowed from a deluge to a dribble. By 8:30 it was stopped for good.

The rest of the night was a lot of sweeping water, shop vacs, brooms, and separating trash from salvage – nothing worth reliving, let alone asking anyone to read about.

Antonio made a tabblo right after it happened (heck, as it happened). I took photos too (more after the fact than during) and created a variation of his tabblo. Despite how tired I am at this point, I like the variation. You get to see Antonio’s perspective and my perspective on the same event. Some things look the same, but others are very different.

Good night.