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New Look and Feel

For the last three years, I’ve built this website by typing HTML by hand. No wizzy-wig editors, no composers, nothing – if I couldn’t figure out how to code it, I didn’t do it. I did it that way partly as a way to keep the website clean and simple, and partly as a learning exercise.

Lately, I’ve been writing less and less. I still have had the urge to write, but I haven’t put pen to paper, so to speak. I think that part of the the problem is that the overhead in putting up a new post has been too high. (Self-analysis of my own motivations are always a crapshoot, so we’ll see if this is a new burst of energy followed by months of silence. Only time will tell).

So, I installed WordPress. So far I’ve spent about 4 hours in configuration and settings and such, and only got frustrated twice. The old website is available through the links on the left, and someday I may import it into the regular archives.

As part of this new software, I’m doing something very new for me: I’m enabling comments! So, please make use of them. To start with, I welcome feedback on the new look and feel. Does it work for you? Is it missing something? Whatever you’ve got, I’m curious.


Comment from Brian
Time: September 13, 2006, 4:56 pm

I can read it and it looks great, let’s see if I can comment.