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Archive for September, 2006

Mom In The News

Mom had a particularly good quote in the paper this week: “‘I think we’ve heard this song before, and we don’t need to hear another verse,’ Dunn said, referring to Hobbs’ previous pleas for release.”

Grandma and Grandpa’s 65th Anniversary

On Wednesday I was in Dedham for my grandparent’s 65th anniversary. I made a tabblo of the event. Check out the tabblo to see photos and recap of the event. I did a couple new things with that tabblo. First, I used my camera’s video mode to record a few clips of Grandma and Grandpa […]

Digg Tabblo, Please

We’re trying to get Tabblo a bit of free publicity. Would you please be kind enough to go to and “digg” the story about Tabblo? If you’re not a member of Digg, you’ll have to register. Think of it as a learning experience: Digg is one of the poster children of Web 2.0. I’m […]

Colors, But Not Primary Colors

Here we are, the night before the primaries. You’d think I’d have something to say, wouldn’t you? Too tired. Check out the pretty pictures instead. The swamp’s colors are fall’s precursor. Taken on Saturday on my ride up the bikepath.

What is at the end of my driveway?

I came home tonight to find three traffic cones protecting the telephone pole at the bottom of my driveway. Some sort of device is there, with a cable wrapped around the pole and connecting to the wires running overhead. Nate thinks it’s a fiber optic repeater. That’s better than any theory I came up with. […]

Parsing the OCPF Filings

One of the most annoying things about running for office was (and is) the paperwork. The financial filings are the worst. I have spent many hours trying to figure out what needed to be on which form. Is that a gift-in-kind? Or is that an expense? Or is it a liability that will be expensed […]

Variations, Tabblo, TechCrunch, and the first 113,000 users

Marshall Kirkpatrick of TechCrunch did a writeup of Tabblo today. It was quite positive. He was particularly focused on our new “variations” feature. With that feature, one author can permit other authors to make a copy and “riff” on the original. For instance, check out my tabblo of Spy Pond Sunsets. There are a ton […]

Arlington Town Day

Yesterday was Town Day in Arlington. (Out-of-towners: Mass Ave is closed for a few blocks, and organizations and business rent 10 feet of curb to set up a table. Think crowds, fried dough, and advocacy on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It’s great fun). I ran around with my camera and a stack of flyers. So […]

New Look and Feel

For the last three years, I’ve built this website by typing HTML by hand. No wizzy-wig editors, no composers, nothing – if I couldn’t figure out how to code it, I didn’t do it. I did it that way partly as a way to keep the website clean and simple, and partly as a learning […]