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Doug and Darienne in Costa Rica

A couple months ago, Doug sent me a random email. Really, that’s a Doug signature: suggesting we do something that is just not done, and suggesting it as if it is totally normal. He said: “I’m giving Darienne a surprise present of a trip to Costa Rica and I don’t talk to you guys enough so I think you should come to Costa Rica with us. Oh, and it’s the rainy season. It’ll be great.” Among other things, I struggled with the math – I knew Darienne was pregnant, but I couldn’t remember the due date. . . . would she really go to Costa Rica while 9 months pregnant?

I was still working at Symantec and a vacation sounded really appealing, but I wasn’t ready to commit. It was a good thing because I moved to Tabblo and it wouldn’t have been easy to take a week of vacation in my second month on the job. Now they’re back and I’m mildly jealous. It looks like it was great fun. You can read about the trip from his perspective and from her perspective. And, I’m happy to report, they are both making tabblos of their trip!

It turns out that Darienne is due in January so it was slightly less crazy of an idea that I thought.