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Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of a Fellow Taxcutter

Barbara Anderson (of the Citizens for Limited Taxation) is not a Republican, and neither is Christy Mihos. They are both unenrolled voters. And, they share a dislike of higher taxes.

Unfortunately, despite their shared beleifs, Barbara Anderson has launched several attacks on Christy Mihos. Since the state primary CLT has written four Mihos attack pieces, but only one against Deval Patrick. Anderson thinks that Mihos is a threat to Kerry Healey and thinks that Healey is the one that should win the governor’s office.

Ronald Reagan wrote the 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.” He was right, as far as he went, but he should have gone farther. I’m not bold enough to write a commandment, but I’m willing to suggest a corollary: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another taxcutter.”

I believe that Anderson is doing herself and her cause a disservice. Her attacks on Mihos weaken her own positions by proxy. I hope she returns to doing what she does well: advocating for a smaller government.

(I’m fully aware that this post runs the risk of violating my own advice. The thing is, I often agree with CLT and have supported them in the past. I’m hoping that these words find the sweet spot of constructive criticism while avoiding the nasty side effects of an attack.)