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Archive for December, 2006

Some of the Many Reasons the Middle East is Messed Up

Check out this site that I found via Andrew Sullivan.

Patrick v. General Court, Round 1

This past week has been incredibly busy with work, but I had a few minutes to read the paper and couldn’t help but read the story about Traviglini’s comments on Patrick. My first reaction was an angry one. I want Patrick to succeed. I’m still skeptical that he can succeed, but I want him to. […]

If You Really, Absolutely, Totally NEED Something Screwed Up, Ask the MBTA to Do It

I often marvel at how screwed up the T is.  From purchased trains of the wrong size, to flooding, to “switch problems,” to handicapped turnstiles at stations with no elevators, they always find a way to impress me. Yesterday’s Globe: “A $466,000 revamp of the MBTA website debuts this morning . . .” Today’s […]

Tabblo Books – Now Online

We made a neat new release today at Tabblo. You remember that we launched our book product a couple weeks ago. Now, you can make your book public and have it viewed on line! For instance, all of you Lambda Phi’s out there wondering what to get your big brother for Christmas. . . . […]

Gifts for the Annoying Child in Your Life

I was pointed to this wicked funny article about the 10 most dangerous gifts of the last few decades. I’m sad to say that I never owned any of them. My neighbor had Jarts, though, and I loved them. Then I sent a Jart through the neighbor’s pool cover. No more Jarts for me.

I Wish I Was This Well Endowed

Boston Globe reports on college endowment returns. MIT earned 23% on $8.4B. I don’t really wish I had $8B, but it would be nice if I earned 23% on what I do have.

Major Geek Alert

Over at xkcd, he’s mapped the internet. Here’s your map guide. He mapped the IP space of the internet to a fractal. On a piece of paper.

You Can Feel the Love

Kofi Annan on UN Ambassador John Bolton in the NYT: Mr. Annan paid his final visit to Washington as secretary general last Tuesday when President Bush gave a dinner in his honor at the White House. One of the guests was John R. Bolton, the American ambassador who had frequently criticized the secretary general and […]

Red Sox Season Ticket Money Due

Oh, the price of passion. $4k due December 15th.

New Link: Juddmansees

My friends Brian Judd and Susan Woodmansee have started a blog where they discuss All Things Juddmansee. Brian kicked things off yesterday with a run-down on the 2006 hiking season. I think they should be complimented on their clean, readable, and elegant blog design.