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Tabblo Books – Now Online

We made a neat new release today at Tabblo. You remember that we launched our book product a couple weeks ago. Now, you can make your book public and have it viewed on line!

For instance, all of you Lambda Phi’s out there wondering what to get your big brother for Christmas. . . . Why not get them a 4×4″ book in celebration of Decade 3? I already did the work for you, and it’s only $9.95! Click the tabblo to get a preview of the book.

Today is your last day to buy the big books (8 by 9.5″). But, you can buy the 4×4″ into next week. If you want to know what the actual physical product looks like, one of our customers took pictures and wrote a review.

Thirty Years of Lambda Phi … See my book


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