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Fios Installed!


I worked from home today while Verizon installed Fios service into the house. Did we really need to upgrade our internet service? Of course not. But since we could, of course we had to! I actually think we’ll save money in the deal, too.

On the left you see what’s in our basement now. The black cable coming down from the top is fiber. It loops into the white box, and the white box spits out a regular phone line and an ethernet cable that is plugged into a router. Below the big white box is a battery backup. The smallest thing there is just a powerstrip – Verizon felt like it had to install it’s own.

I think back to the late 90’s living in East Cambridge dialing into MIT when I wanted to check my email. The cable company (Comcast?) had a map of Cambridge divided into zones. White meant no coverage, pink was in progress, and purple meant that broadband was available. I must have reloaded that map 200 times over most of a year, waiting for my zone to light up.

Less than 10 years later, and I have a F******* FIBER OPTIC CONNECTION IN MY OWN BASEMENT. I love progress.
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