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Archive for January, 2007

US Senate Bill 1: Registering Bloggers

There’s a bill moving through the Senate updating the requirements and restrictions for lobbyists. The update includes a section that affects certain bloggers. I have contacted my senators asking them to join the oppostion to the blogger section, and I encourage you to do the same. The change is aimed at bloggers that receive money […]

Windows 386 Saves The Day

A friend from work sent this one along. You’ll need Google’s video client to view it. As the poster put it, “Microsoft sent this tape to retailers to explain the benefits of Windows 386. Boring until the 7 minute mark when the production is taken over by crack-smoking monkeys.” It’s easy to fast forward to […]

Mom’s 60th Birthday

On January 7th, my mom turned 60. My brothers, some of my mom’s friends and I had a surprise birthday party for her. … See more photos

Finance Committee Meeting

First meeting of the ’08 budget cycle. Community Safety Building, 2nd floor. January 29. 7PM? Maybe 7:30.

Thursday’s Arlington Town Summit

On Thursday the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, and the Finance Committee met in a “summit” meeting. The meeting talked about the current 5-year plan, the challenges and progress thereof, forecasts of post-plan budgeting (2011 and farther), and general big-ticket town expenses. My notes here are a complement to the meeting’s powerpoint presentation from […]

How Did I Miss This?

I guess I missed it because it was buried on page B6 of the Washington Post, and not covered at all by most publications. The largest employer in the world announced on Dec. 15 that it lost about $450 billion in fiscal 2006. Its auditor found that its financial statements were unreliable and that its […]

Finally Finneran

Tom Finneran lost his job yesterday. He lost his job because of things that he did, things that he said, and his pride. I wish it had happened sooner, and the punishment more meaningful. Finneran was a very powerful man in 2001. With a Republican governor in a state controlled by Democrats, he had no […]

What a Day, What a Year

New Year’s is typically a time of reflection for most people. It happens on a schedule and is pretty unavoidable (birthdays too, I guess). You get close to the day and say to yourself “huh, these things have changed since last year” or maybe “I can’t believe it’s been another year and I still haven’t […]

Quick! Activate Party Mode!

A high point of MIT geekdom.  Be sure to watch the party mode video.

My 2007 Prediction: Pat Robertson Will Sound Like an Idiot

Look at that, I’m 1 for 1 in my predictions this year!  Key quote: In May, Robertson said God told him that storms and possibly a tsunami were to crash into America’s coastline in 2006. Even though the U.S. was not hit with a tsunami, Robertson on Tuesday cited last spring’s heavy rains and flooding […]