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Archive for February, 2007

Governor Patrick’s Budget Speech

I went to see Governor Deval Patrick deliver his budget speech tonight. It’s been interesting tracking his political trajectory. I confess that I’ve found him more and more interesting as time went along. I think the recent flap about the car and the drapes, or the draped car, or whatever it is just nonesense. What […]

FinComm Reviews Budgets – A Very Few Notes

I missed most of the Finance Committee meeting tonight. I got there at 9:30. I caught the end of the vote on the registrars (I didn’t vote on it since I missed the discussion). It was not a unimous vote. The next discussion was about the planning department budget. It was noted that the budget […]

Widmer Reminds Us Who Pays His Bills

Whenever there is a question about taxes in Massachussetts, Michael Widmer is never far from a microphone. He is a fixture in press releases and news articles. He’s particularly popular when there is talk about the personal income tax: he predicts doom and gloom if the voter-enacted income tax decrease to 5% is ever implemented. […]

Right, Left, or Other

When I was in college I described myself as “socially liberal and fiscally conservative.”  At some point I figured out that was a fair description of a small-l libertarian.  Does that philosophy make me a Republican?  A Democrat?  A big-L Libertarian?  I still haven’t figured it out, and I’m not alone in asking. Third-Party Watch […]

Board of Selectmen Meeting

I’ll be there to speak on Art. 18. TOWN OF ARLINGTON BOARD OF SELECTMEN Meeting Agenda Monday, February 26, 2007 7:15 p.m. 1.      Proclamation:  National Kidney Foundation 2.      Fire Cadet Awards Representative Jay R. Kaufmann 7:30 p.m. PUBLIC HEARINGS 3.      Water & Sewer Debt Shift Annie LaCourt 4.   […]

Finance Committee Meeting

Feb 28 7:30 PM, 2nd floor of Public Safety Building. Warrant articles and departmental budgets seem like the likely agenda.

Finance Committee Meeting

Feb 26 7:30 PM, 2nd floor of Public Safety Building. Warrant articles and departmental budgets seem like the likely agenda.  I’ll be late – I’ll be at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

An Interesting Story About Trash

Arlington has debated “Pay as You Throw” (PAYT) trash pickup before. One of the arguments for PAYT is that it will encourage residents to recycle more and throw (and pay) less; most of the opponents to PAYT don’t believe that is true. North Reading had PAYT until 2003. Now they are noticing a significant increase […]

FinComm Reviews, Votes More Warrant Articles

Finance Committee met for the first time in a couple weeks after being cancelled by ice, snow, and holiday. The members listened to and questioned a parade of town officials and citizens as several warrant articles were heard. First up was the Director of Assessors Bob Greeley on Article 64. The state requires the town […]

A Few Flakes

A story about how a few flakes of snow late on Tuesday ended up with my car in the street on Friday. Read the rest of the story at Tabblo