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An Interesting Story About Trash

Arlington has debated “Pay as You Throw” (PAYT) trash pickup before. One of the arguments for PAYT is that it will encourage residents to recycle more and throw (and pay) less; most of the opponents to PAYT don’t believe that is true.

North Reading had PAYT until 2003. Now they are noticing a significant increase in the amount of trash collected since then. It will be interesting to see if North Reading goes back to PAYT, and if they find the trash collection rate declines again. It would make an good argument for PAYT from an environmental and financial standpoint.

Of course, some opponents of pay as you throw believe that trash collection should be included in the tax rate. They won’t be thrilled with North Reading’s current system either: they charge $180/year for trash pickup.


Comment from Jason
Time: February 25, 2007, 3:02 pm

It seems to work ok in Holliston. We pay 100-something dollars a year, and that buys us one barrel a week. It’s $2/barrel for each additional one.

I guess I don’t assume it’s included in my property taxes, so I don’t worry too much about it.

(Recycling pickup is unlimited and free).