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FinComm Reviews Budgets – A Very Few Notes

I missed most of the Finance Committee meeting tonight. I got there at 9:30. I caught the end of the vote on the registrars (I didn’t vote on it since I missed the discussion). It was not a unimous vote.

The next discussion was about the planning department budget. It was noted that the budget for power was up a different amount in different budgets. The committee determined to ask the town manager to explain the power budgeting process for this and other budgets, and I was tasked with asking the comptroller for historical and current expenses for power. The budget was approved. The meeting adjourned.

Why was I late for the meeting? I was over at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting. I spoke in favor of Article 18, the creation of an IT department separate from the comptroller’s office. I’m still digesting that meeting. I will write about the issue in the future, I’m sure, but not tonight.

A closing note: I’m going to miss Wednesday’s meeting because of work travel. You and I both will instead rely on Pete Howard’s excellent minutes.