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Indexing Links to Indexed

Story 1: Tabblo got mentions in USA Today and the Boston Globe in the same week. (Niiiiiice!)

Story 2: A few days ago a friend of mine sent links to a few funny images in an instant message. I smiled at them, didn’t think anything of it. Then I saw a link in a blog. Then I saw a link in another blog. And the links are all pointing to Indexed.

The analysis: With (I assume) zero dollars spent, she’s gotten Indexed on my browser three times in a week. Tabblo gets two print links, and I assure you that our PR agency isn’t free, not to mention the development cost of the website. (Of course the audience of our press hits were bigger, but don’t distract me with facts. I’m on a roll.)

It’s amazing and inspiring and frustrating at the same time. I’m continually doing what every Web 2.0 startup employee does, thinking about new ways to get my website noticed. And this blog pops up and just keeps popping up, all over. What is she doing right? What can I learn from her? What can I do to make her website spread like mine?