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I Went To Denver and Changed a Diaper

I’ve been a bit light on the posting lately. The town budget cycle keeps me busy with a few meetings every week, plus work of course. Last week was particularly busy in all respects. At least I remembered to take pictures. Here’s your chance to catch up: two tabblos and a post on the Tabblo corporate blog.

John and Carey got to Denver on Wednesday morning. They had an empty both, a black rug, and a few large boxes waiting for them.

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Just before I went to bed last night, I got a call. Sarah was having contractions, could I come spend the night with Max?

The good news is that he pretty much slept through the night.

Just as Max woke up, Dan (Max’s dad) called. Max has a baby brother, Theodore Bridges Sheldon! At 4lbs 15oz, Theo and mom are doing OK. I told Max, and he seemed pretty cool about it. Perhaps even “indifferent.”
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