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Carreiro for Moderator

There have been many times in the past where I looked at a ballot for some race or other and found no one that I could vote for, and I end up just leaving it blank. I’m delighted that this year’s race for moderator has two good, qualified candidates on the ballot. We can’t go wrong. We don’t have a to pick a “lesser of two evils.” We can choose the “better of two goods.”

I’m casting my vote for Rich Carreiro. I believe he can do all of the tasks related to running a good meeting. He’s organized, he’s a quick thinker, and he communicates well. He’s attentive to detail.

The element that distinguishes him is his history of of working on structural improvements in the way Town Meeting is run, particularly in the area of ethics. He’s proposed or supported several changes that make the meeting a more open place, notably 2002’s change requiring speakers to disclose when they have a financial interest in an article. He has demonstrated himself as a leader in better governance.

I think he’ll run a fair and efficient meeting. I’ll be voting for him on Saturday.


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Time: April 14, 2007, 12:02 am

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