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Web 2.0 Goes Jock

Co-worker Matt pointed me to BallHype, found via TechCrunch.

I do my share of sports watching. But I don’t read/watch much sports reporting. I find it too repetitive. I mean, how many times can one person hear about Terrel Owen’s latest meltdown? Once is plenty. Even sports writers that I enjoy, like Bill Simmons, are a bit hit-or-miss.

BallHype looks like it will help me filter. I’m going to let it show me what is interesting and what isn’t. I get to help shape what is seen as important and what isn’t. Neat twist: I can pick games and get to have my record tracked and matched against others.

I think Web 2.0 mavens look at this and say “boring, it’s been done, look at Digg.” I think everyone else will be a bit confused at first. But this is one of those websites that can jump from the first 50,000 users up to 500,000 and maybe even 50,000,000. They’re combining some of the social website dynamics that have flowered in the last couple years with an audience that has been proven to be loyal and lucrative in other areas. I think it could take off.

If you register, search for ‘dunster‘ and add me as a friend.


Comment from Erin Gurney
Time: April 4, 2007, 5:36 pm

Thanks for the write-up, Dan! We are hoping lots of sports fans like yourself (serious interest, limited time) will find Ballhype a really fun and helpful way to stay on top of stuff. Let us know if you have any suggestions for how to make it even more useful.

Comment from michael caruso
Time: July 21, 2007, 10:59 pm

hey, dan. i read your item on ballhype and agree, it’s a good filter. i’m not a disinterested observer. we just (last week) launched a human-powered video recommendation service and we have a sports video channel that i think you’d get a kick out of:

all told, we have 25 editors who scour the web for the best new videos
in different subjects, including sports, humor, music, celebrities and politics. we send what we find in an e-mail to our
subscribers for extra convenience. since one of our subjects is sports
and we’re finding a lot of great curve balls, i was hoping you’d find
us worthy of comment and a link.

check us out and tell me what you think.