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Archive for June, 2007

Another Finneran On The Horizon

Author’s note: It’s been harder than I expected getting back in the habit of writing, post-Town Meeting. Is this post where I turn the corner, or the last post for 6 weeks? We’ll all find out together. House Majority Leader John Rogers spent $196,000 of his campaign funds and he won’t say he won’t say […]

Klute at Elements

Eddie, a co-worker, goes to Drum and Bass night at Elements (Phoenix Landing) every Thursday. He said “If you’re ever going to go to one, Klute is the one to see!” So I went. More photos and description here

Putting Mom’s Dock In

Mom’s boat is coming out of storage tomorrow.  Only one problem: no dock to tie the boat to.  So the sons assembled to put the dock in the water…. See more at Tabblo

Finance Committee Approves Reserve Fund Transfers

(Black text is mostly objective, red text is mostly subjective in nature.) Finance Committee met tonight to review several transfers out of the reserve fund. Every year Town Meeting appropriates a few hundred thousand dollars into a reserve fund. The finance committee approves transfers out of the fund into regular budgets as requested by various […]