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Another Finneran On The Horizon

Author’s note: It’s been harder than I expected getting back in the habit of writing, post-Town Meeting. Is this post where I turn the corner, or the last post for 6 weeks? We’ll all find out together.

House Majority Leader John Rogers spent $196,000 of his campaign funds and he won’t say he won’t say what he spent it on.

Rogers watched the former speaker John Finneran legally spend hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars without detailed reporting. Rogers watched Finneran buy favors from friends and colleagues. Rogers watched Finneran use the campaign funds to support his lifestyle (car, cellphone, etc.). I think Rogers saw a winning strategy, and is making it his own.

Is anyone going to demand an accounting?

I’m not holding my breath for Rogers’s colleagues in the house to step up to the plate here. They don’t have a track record of demanding accountability. Finneran and Rogers represent the leadership culture, and the followers don’t show any signs of seeking a new way.

I think it comes down to the voters Norwood and Walpole. Who do they want representing them?