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Archive for July, 2007

Baseball Fans: Read This Blog

My friend Grant Smith finished his grad degree at the London School of Economics and is taking the summer to travel the US in style.  If you have any love for baseball, read his blog.  If you don’t love baseball, it’s OK.  It’s better than being a Yankees fan.

The Police at Fenway

This started as a regular “hey, this is what’s up in my life” tabblo and has turned into a bit of “look at this neat technology” tabblo. I downloaded this free software Autostitch and it put my pictures together in that neat picture you see above. That isn’t one big picture; it’s 6 pictures stitched […]

Humid Out? No, Just Lots of Lawyers Drooling

So, a storm drain cover goes through someone’s windshield with spectacular effect, and spectacular photos.  The result is a day-long traffic jam with 4-hour delays on Route 128.  The good news is that the guy lived through it. Then you read this: Other motorists have complained in recent days to MassHighway about loose storm grates […]

Bush butt probed, Cheney in charge

My friends and I often play a game called “Real or Onion?” One person posts a headline, and the rest of us have to guess if it’s a real headline or one from the Onion. Today’s entry was real.

None Of The Above

I’ve often written about the effects of single-party politics in Massachusetts. There’s a bill on Beacon Hill that would help remedy the problem. The idea is that when faced with a ballot with no good choices, you’d have the option of voting for “none of the above. If enough people choose it, a new election […]

The Perilous Product Launch (Or, How Your Employees Might Sabotage the Launch)

Fenway Park’s concession stands were sporting a new technological gadget when they opened this year. Every cash register was fitted with a MasterCard PayPass reader. It’s like the Mobil Speedpass. Just wave your credit card (or key chain fob) near the reader, and the transaction is done. For transactions under $25 (like buying a pretzel […]

Bringing Competition to Auto Insurance in Massachusetts

When I was running for state rep in ’04, one of my “stump speech” issues was auto insurance. I talked about how the law permitted the insurance commissioner to annually make a formal declaration that competition for insurance in Massachusetts was impossible, and then fulfill the prophecy by imposing price controls. I talked about how […]