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The Police at Fenway

This started as a regular “hey, this is what’s up in my life” tabblo and has turned into a bit of “look at this neat technology” tabblo. I downloaded this free software Autostitch and it put my pictures together in that neat picture you see above. That isn’t one big picture; it’s 6 pictures stitched together.Anyway, on Saturday Nate and I went and saw the Police at Fenway. Most of these pictures are from the opening band and intermission. I didn’t take many pictures during the show because I was having too much fun to be distracted by photos.

The show was pretty good. It’s clear why Sting went on to fame and fortune and the other two. . . not so much.

I’ve seen bands that just play their albums faithfully, and seen it be a good show. I’ve seen “jam bands” that just start with a record and go from there, and seen it be good. The Police wanted to be somewhere in between. Most of the time it work. For some songs (“Don’t Stand So Close To Me”) it was electric. The live performance was so powerful, so challenging, so engrossing that you were left wanting more. A couple songs (“Roxanne”) suffered. The subtle crispness of the original was washed out by a boring, blathering tangent.

I’m not a big fan of “arena rock.” But this is a show that I couldn’t miss. I liked it; I’m glad I went (and yes, it was worth the $100 for the ticket).

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