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Archive for August, 2007

Paul F. Lawler November 12, 1913 – August 27, 2007

My grandfather died on Monday. I’ve had a couple of draft posts about his illness, his care, and the way it has affected me and my family. I may publish them later, who knows. Below is the text of the pamphlet at his wake. Read it, please, and see what an amazing life he had. […]

Religion Jokes Make the Globe Nervous

So nervous, in fact, that they decided to pull Sunday’s Opus comic. I don’t see why they pulled it – it seems pretty tame to me. It looks to me like the Globe is getting weak in the knees. Universal Hub clued me in. I never would have known otherwise.

Havern Resigns; Cue Musical Chairs Theme

On Friday the State House News service noted that Senator Bob Havern had made a filing that revealed he was looking at job with a lobbyist firm. Hours later, Rep Jim Marzilli announced his candidacy for the seat. This week the rumor became real, and Havern resigned. The Globe lists a few of the likely […]

The State Reneges – Again

There was an article in the Globe last week about several cities and towns who were promised state funding if they adopted special zoning laws. The zoning changes were passed – but not the funding. The state isn’t living up to its end of the bargain. This isn’t a new behavior. Talk to your favorite […]

Insurance Reform: Look Who’s Talking

The Globe has a story about “lawmakers skeptical about insurance reform.” Let’s look at who is quoted as being opposed to insurance reform: Senator Dianne Wilkerson: Her constituents are subsidized by the rest of the state. Virtually any reform plan results in them paying more, maybe even paying their fair share. She’s opposed. Senator Mark […]

A Very Few Words About Barry Bonds

I have deliberately avoided talking about Barry Bonds because I haven’t thought that he deserved noticing. Where there is hype, arguing that it is overhyped just contributes to the hype. Silence is your best weapon. Now, I’m ready to talk about Barry Bonds. I don’t think he broke the record. He took steroids. They were […]

Is Ron Paul Running for President?

I’m not going to vote for Ron Paul. He’s wrong on too many issues. Still, I’m glad he’s running. He talks about issues that make most candidates uncomfortable. They’re issues that deserve to be debated. The problem is, he also makes the press uncomfortable. He scares the press, and then they try to pretend he […]

iPhone as iBrick

I never actually posted about it, but I got an iPhone. I didn’t wait in line or anything crazy like that, but the Saturday after the launch I picked one up at the Cambridgeside Galleria. I’ve really liked it. The UI is very slick. The screen is gorgeous. Feature-wise, it’s been very nice to have […]

Visiting the Dentist

I was overdue for my visit to my dentist (Dr. Loren Wilson, who I highly recommend). No new cavities, but one drilling to replace a bad filling. Quick and painless, thankfully. On to the story. When I walked in, the receptionist asked “New insurance again?” and I said yes, and handed her the United Healthcare […]

Another Great Web Comic

So little time, so many great web comics.  Today’s addition to my RSS feed: Basic Instructions.