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Havern Resigns; Cue Musical Chairs Theme

On Friday the State House News service noted that Senator Bob Havern had made a filing that revealed he was looking at job with a lobbyist firm. Hours later, Rep Jim Marzilli announced his candidacy for the seat. This week the rumor became real, and Havern resigned.

The Globe lists a few of the likely candidates for the seat. As a special election, anyone can run without risking their current seat. I expect a number of people to give it a go. Whoever wins will open their seat – and the musical chairs continue. You probably recall that I ran for Marzilli’s seat in 2004. That musical chair music sounds pretty loud to me.
I note that everyone listed so far is a Democrat. I’ve talked before about how the primary is the only election that matters around here.


Comment from susan
Time: August 23, 2007, 3:55 pm

are you ready to run as a democrat?

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