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iPhone as iBrick

I never actually posted about it, but I got an iPhone. I didn’t wait in line or anything crazy like that, but the Saturday after the launch I picked one up at the Cambridgeside Galleria.

I’ve really liked it. The UI is very slick. The screen is gorgeous. Feature-wise, it’s been very nice to have phone, email, browsing, mapping, and my music with me at all times. Of course, it hasn’t been perfect. Sometimes data is a bit slow, I can’t type quite as fast as I’d like, stuff like that. But the good things far outweigh the bad. It’s been great.

Saturday night, the phone suddenly stopped working. All it would do was tell me to connect to iTunes. I was traveling and didn’t have internet at the hotel. When I got back on Sunday, iTunes didn’t help. I’d start a restore on my phone and the restore would fail. I found a discussion on the Apple boards that says activation was down, so I decided to wait. Monday I still couldn’t restore. I was getting near 2 days with an expensive paperweight, and I went to the Apple store. They tried the same things I did, and then gave me a new phone. I took it home, activated it, restored it, and I was back in action.

I didn’t expect my iPhone experience to be painless. It is too new of a product. Apple did the right thing, and I’m still a happy customer. I like my gadget.