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Archive for September, 2007

Finance Committee Organizational Meeting

Attention non-Arlington readers: Please do not panic! No more FinComm posts until January. I have a few blog posts perking in the back of my head, ranging from the Senate race to the Superintendent to presidential date qualifications. Riveting stuff, I tell you. Oh, and Red Sox angst. Lots of Red Sox angst. Tonight was […]

The Globe Drops Opus Again

For the second time, the Globe declined to run Opus in the Sunday comic pages.  No explanation.  No comic.  The good news is that through the magic of the internet, we all can see what the Globe was so loathe to put on our doorsteps.. Admit it.  You can’t figure out what the problem is.  […]

Five Injured on the Charles – MIT Prank?

First the Universal Hub told me that the Charles was flammable and I wondered what was going on. Later I read that the fire might be the result of MIT students and the annual sodium drop. In this post-9/11, post-Aqua-Teen-Hunger-Force world, how long can it be until Mayor Menino demands vengeance?  How soon until he […]

Red Sox Magic Number

This site has all the information you need.

What is Up With the Parrot In the Red Sox Bullpen?

My season tickets are right behind the Red Sox bullpen. I watch the players play their games with the sunflower seeds, I watch their punch-it-in-rituals, I watch Papelbon’s glove. Tonight there was something new. Why is there a stuffed parrot in the Red Sox bullpen?