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Archive for October, 2007


Sunday night I was excited and tense.  If I’m destined to have a stroke, it will happen during a Red Sox game.  When it was done, I was elated, delighted, ecstatic, and lots of other words.  I screamed at the street, high-fived my friends, and played Dropkick Murphy’s at a volume of 11.  I called […]

Sox Fans Don’t Wave Socks

I’m back from game 6, and it was great. The fans were electric from pitch one. They jumped on Carmona’s troubles right away. I’ve never chanted “Faust-oooo” before, but it felt good. I’ll do it again. I didn’t pick J. D. Drew as the hero, but I’ll take it. Game 7 tomorrow. I like the […]

More on the Charley Murphy Mailing

Sunday night I posted about a couple of the sketchy aspects of the Charley Murphy mailing. It turns out I only knew half of it. If you look at the first photo, the first person is George Laite. The second is Murphy. The fourth person is Joanna Gonsalves, Woburn Alderman and Democratic challenger to Senator […]

What Is the Cambridge Chronicle’s Muzzle Velocity When Fired From the Cannon of Journalism?

Blue Mass Group linked to a rather plaintive letter to the editor from the Mayor of Cambridge.  The mayor confuses canons and cannons.  Read the BMG comments; I crack myself up.

Jumper Cables for the Space Station

I came across this interesting article about the problems in the space station a few months ago.  Key points: You can’t count on a cable to heat itself if you put it by the dehumidifier. It’s worse if the dehumidifier is balky. It’s a bad idea to have your three-way redundant power system depend on […]

Charley Murphy’s Mailer – What Was He Thinking?

My state senator, Robert Havern, resigned this summer. When people ask me why he resigned, I answer “because he can make more money as a lobbyist.” Harsh, but accurate. Because he’s resigning midterm, current officeholders see it as a risk-free crack at a promotion. They can run for the job while keeping their current job. […]

What’s Going On

My posts have been few and far between lately. It isn’t that I stopped having opinions, but that I haven’t had the time or organization to put them together. How about a life update instead? As you know, Grandpa died in August. The world goes on, of course, but differently than before. There’s stress and […]

One Down, Ten to Go

I had a ton of fun watching the Red Sox win 4-0 over the Angel’s tonight. I watched at Flat Top Johnny’s in Cambridge, where I watched much of 2004. I could write pages about Beckett – he was just great, going after batters, first-pitch strikes, etc. I wouldn’t have brought him out in the […]