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Patrick Supports Casinos, And Still Finds A Way to Tick Me Off

Regular readers of this blog know that I want to support Governor Deval Patrick, but I’ve frequently doubted whether he could meet the expectations of his supporters.

When he came out in support of casinos, I agreed. There is demand for gambling in Massachusetts. It’s not appropriate for the state to prevent its citizens from engaging in it. It’s dumb to not try to profit from it. It’s also reasonable to make sure that the casino business covers the costs to the hosting towns. Patrick’s plan had all that.

And then I heard about the part where Patrick wants to outlaw internet gambling. He wants to punish people with up to two years in prison and a $25,000 fine for placing a bet online from their own home. This is an awful idea in any context. It’s hypocritical when included in a bill that creates casino gambling.

If Patrick is trying to create opposition, he’s doing a good job by me. Patrick should file an amended bill without this foolish ban right away.