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Archive for December, 2007

Civil Service Still Broken

When I ran for state representative in 2004, reform of the civil service system was one of my key themes. There is so much wrong with it. The years pass, and the system is still broken. The system was originally intended to take patronage and nepotism out of hiring decision. The system is supposed to […]

Vote For The Candidate You Want

I post often enough about my philosophy on voting that I should create a category for it. Not sure what I’d call the category, though. What combines my thoughts on Mass’s one party rule, the press, none of the above, and leaving a ballot blank? In my mind, all of these concepts are linked. They’re […]

Rock Band (Guitar Hero) posted this video on its job site. The bit is about Harmonix. Harmonix’s famous because it created Guitar Hero I and II, and now Rock Band (Guitar Hero III is from Activision, which is a whole ‘nother story). interviewed Eran Egozy. Eran is a co-founder of the company, a fraternity brother, and a […]


It’s been a good year so far for snowlovers like me. I’ve been snowboarding twice already at Mt. Wachusett, and I’m going again tomorrow. In the last 4 days we’ve got 20+ inches of snow. The weather forecast holds the cold/snow pattern for the forseeable future. What more could I ask for? I came across […]

Converting MS Money to Quicken – Intuit Falls Down

The short version: Quicken says it can convert MS Money files to Quicken, but it can’t. The Quicken support team can’t help you. The long version: Like many post-college types, I had problems keeping track of my finances. I found that Quicken really helped. I think I started in 1998. I’ve tracked everything since then […]

4th Middlesex Dollars Per Vote

Tuesday is the general election for the 4th Middlesex Senate seat. I concur with the common wisdom – Jim Marzilli is going to run away with it. Heck, even I’m voting for him, and I ran against him three years ago. Both of his opponents are trying to roll back the progress on gay rights. […]

Bleacher Seats

. Tonight I got home late, and as I parked my car I saw big boxes sitting next to the garage.  What could they be? … See the rest at Tabblo