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Archive for January, 2008

Fearmonger in Chief

A co-worker pointed me to this colorful description of the “Protect America Act.”  I don’t endorse his partisan rhetoric, but it is nonetheless a good exposition of the foolishness of the PAA and the deplorable tactics employed by the current administration. While we’re on the topic: Why on earth is the Senate granting immunity to […]

If the Patriots Lose on Sunday

If the Patriots lose on Sunday, I will hold the Boston Globe accountable.  Some things should not be done!

Why I’m Not Voting for Hillary Clinton

I don’t think I’ve ever voted in a meaningful presidential primary. I’ve assumed that my primary vote wouldn’t matter unless I moved back to New Hampshire. But here I am, 10 days away from the primary, and the outcome is in question for both parties. I’m a registered Democrat these days (I know that’s news […]

Minuteman High’s FY09 Budget Hearing

So far, Arlington’s five-year plan has been executed fairly closely. Health care costs have, on average, exceed the 7% ceiling, but the plan anticipated this by restricting the growth of salaries and expenses. The state aid hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations. But the biggest deviation from the plan has been the Minuteman Regional High. […]

Mount Washinton Trip

I’ve wanted to go to Mount Washington in the winter forever. It took until this year for me to finally get the gumption to go. I looked forward to the trip all fall and winter. It was just as good as I hoped – even better. Check out the Tabblo and two short YouTube clips […]

French Toast Alert is Severe

I’m working from home today. Here’s the view out the kitchen window: See my Tabblo> At this writing, the French Toast Alert is Severe.

Menino Makes It Easy

Menino makes it easy. . . to make fun of him. I’ve taken the mayor to task a couple of times before.  But this quote is so bad, so foolish, I almost feel guilty.  Almost. “Allowing retailers to make money off of sick people is wrong.” No commentary necessary; this one stands on its own.

Vote! Primary for 23rd Middlesex State Representative

Find your polling place here

Finance Committee – ’09 Budget Review Kickoff

Monday, January 28th in the O’Neill Room of the Community Safety Building at 7:30PM

Small Handful of Small States

Ned ranted about silly parts of the presidential election.  I agree with 90% of what he says, but that last 10% . . . I started to respond in a comment on his blog, but the comment got long-winded enough that I decided to post here instead.  “The whole focus on early primaries seems completely […]