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Archive for February, 2008

The Clintons, In the Rear-View Mirror

Great post from Andrew Sullivan. This is not a man who is hoping for a Clinton cabinet appointment. I wish I could write as well as he does (though, would if I wrote as well as him, would I choose to write so much? It’s a question we’ll never answer.) Will I re-read this post […]

The State Police and the Felon

So Tom Finneran was not content to earn a few hundred thousand dollars per year with his radio gig. His original post-Speaker job as a lobbyist had been interrupted by that pesky felony conviction. The Mass Biotech Council didn’t want a felon as their public representative, and he was fired. But a year had passed […]

Election – House 23rd Middlesex

March 4th – find your polling location.


I just got back from snowboarding at Mt. Wachussett. I bought a season pass this year, and I think I just passed the break-even point with 8 visits. It’s a nice break from a cardio machine in the gym. Conditions today weren’t the best, a bit too icy. But maybe the snow tomorrow will turn […]

House to Bush: Get a Warrant!

I’m delighted that the House found the backbone that was so mysteriously missing in the Senate.The “Protect America Act” has been a continuing source of horror and amazement to me.  I mentioned this last month. To review: The government wants information that it isn’t legally entitled to demand. The government asks the telephone companies to […]

Finance Committee – POBs and more

Black text is mostly objective, red text is mostly subjective in nature. These are notes from 2/11.  I missed 2/6 meeting because of a work dinner. Charlie Foskett chaired in Al Tosti’s absence. The hearing for the assessor’s article is canceled – he won’t need the article.  Minutes were approved. Article 74 – The committee […]

Finance Committee – Retirement Board and more

Black text is mostly objective, red text is mostly subjective in nature. These are notes from 2/4. The minutes were approved. It was noted that we’re approximately $125,000 over budget for snow and ice removal. John Bilafer, Joe Roselli, and Larry Greco came to discuss a series of articles related to retirement. Article 39 – […]

Finance Committee – ’09 Budget Review Kickoff

The ’09 budget year started in earnest for the Finance Committee on 1/28. Why are these notes three weeks late? I’m either lazy, or busy, or both! Non-Arlington readers will need to remind themselves where the delete button is. I have high hopes that I’ll keep up non-Arlington content, so I hope you don’t unsubscribe. […]

Harder Bodies Faster Stronger

I’m way behind in my blog posting. I have two FinComm notes meetings to post, a Finneran bashing, the latest in junk mail technology, and volumes of politics. But I’ve been so busy! Campaign work, real work, fraternity stuff, etc. has kept me hopping. What do I do with a spare 3.5 minutes? Marvel and […]