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Archive for April, 2008

State of the Town of Arlington, 2008

Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Clarissa Rowe was kind enough to provide a copy of her remarks at the State of the Town delivered on 4/28/08. Good evening. I want to thank Vision 2020 for making this evening possible and especially Jane Howard for her usual careful preparation for the event. I also want […]

Town Meeting ’08 Session One

Out-of-town readers: Yeah, it’s Town Meeting time again. That means you get more Arlington information than any reasonable non-resident would want. I’m going to try to deliver at least one non-Arlington post per Town Meeting post – something to keep you amused as I blather on. I take notes during Town Meeting. They are not […]

JazzFest ’08 – Krauss, Plant, and Burnett

Last year I got a catalog from Rounder Records and saw the new Allison Krauss record with Robert Plant on the cover. I thought it was an odd pairing and threw the catalog away. I heard a single off the record – “Gone Baby Gone” and was interested. Then I heard “Fortune Teller’s Daughter,” and […]

Math for Donkeys

I think it was the Electoral Map that turned me on to, and it is that has this quality post. Post Pennsylvania, he (she?) breaks down the remaining primary contests and explains what might or might not happen.  More specifically, he explains what needs to happen for Clinton to win.  He shows a […]

The Universal Hub (Blog, not City)

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy reading the Universal Hub every day.  I’ve also mentioned how I respect and admire the work that MassINC does on the Commonwealth magazine.  When Commonwealth writes about the Universal Hub, how could I not link to the excellent article? Commonwealth hits some key points about UH.  It’s not […]

Kirby’s First Red Sox Game

See my Tabblo

The TSA, Volume, and Mass

Megan McCardle has a short-but-amusing bit about the 3.4-ounce rule for liquids on plane flights: I asked a screener, “volume or weight?” He said, “Huh?” I answered that “ounces” in English units were both a measure of volume and weight, and for most substances these two numbers would be different. The bit is amusing enough.  […]

People in Glass Houses (and Popemobiles) Should Not Throw Stones

The Pope says to American Bishop’s this afternoon: “Responding to this situation has not been easy and, . . . it was sometimes very badly handled.” The American Bishops’ own report says there are more than 11,000 victims of sexual abuse by priests, and all the Pope can muster is “badly handled?” I’d say it’s […]

Worst Rain Delay Ever

I went to the Sox-Yankees game this afternoon. At first I thought the game would be rained out, then I thought it would be wet, then the sun came out. Shows what I know. It was very humid – dank, really. The temperature was in the 50s, but the air was hazy and you could […]

Say Uncle

Congratulations to Tim and Christi who made me an uncle this morning. His name is Nolan Harris Dunn. He came a little early but is doing fine, as is Christi.