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Worst Rain Delay Ever

I went to the Sox-Yankees game this afternoon. At first I thought the game would be rained out, then I thought it would be wet, then the sun came out. Shows what I know. It was very humid – dank, really. The temperature was in the 50s, but the air was hazy and you could see your breath. It was odd.img_0650.jpg

Then a few raindrops fell in the 8th inning. With 7 outs until the end of the game, they decided to run from a rainshower. The tarp came out, and the game stopped. We spent the next hour wondering why the game wasn’t already over, staring at a damp-but-totally-playable field. I stood there and shouted for them to start the game, but no one was listening to me. Shocking, I know.

I’ve been to a lot of games and waited out a number of rain delays. This one was the worst. It shouldn’t have happened – they should have played. I was so annoyed I gave up and went home. I listened to the Red Sox wrap it up on the radio, still swearing at the stupid rain delay.