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Archive for July, 2008

That Was Awful

I’ve been to hundreds of Red Sox games (really, hundreds – you do 10 to 50 games for 18 years, and it adds up). I can’t remember a game as pathetic as tonight’s. I’ve seen worse pitching before. Beckett wasn’t awful, just not good. I’ve seen worse hitting before. There were some hits, and I’ve […]

Google is Safe For Now

The tech community is all a-flutter this week about the launch of a new search engine, Cuil. It’s been a month since the iPhone 3G, and people are a bit starved for content. Cuil did a good job generating buzz. The preferred version: “Ex-Google employees build a better search engine; David beats Goliath.” Mike Volpe […]

The Big Picture

A few months ago Alan Taylor of the Boston Globe launched a photo blog called The Big Picture. A couple times a week he posts 10-20 photos on a particular topic. It makes for a quick read. It is easily the best-looking blog on my reading list.

Rush and Child Prodigies

This post has appeal for two very small segments of my blog audience. 1) Fans of Rush, perhaps the greatest Canadian rock band ever. 2) Musical prodigies. The internet is all about the long tail, right? Seriously, though, this girl is amazing. There are just enough mistakes to prove that it’s live.

HubSpot’s 2nd Birthday Party

HubSpot celebrated its 2nd birthday this week.  We went to Kings in Boston, had a company meeting, and did some bowling. It wasn’t your average party.  I mean, when was the last time you went bowling with 35 experts on internet marketing? See more pictures

Armed, Coordinated Bicycle Convoys Converge on City Hall

I’m biking to work tomorrow, but I won’t be in the convoy. 6:45AM is . . . not my cup of tea. More info from the City of Boston. RIDE INTO WORK WITH A POLICE ESCORT. July 25 and August 22 WHAT: SAFE, GUIDED CONVOYS WITH POLICE ESCORT Lead by experienced cyclists and escorted by […]

Your Laptop Data Security

A few months ago I scanned some news article that talked about the vulnerability of reading memory chips even after the computer has been turned off. I thought it was an interesting idea, but didn’t look at it deeper. Then I saw this YouTube video from CITP at Princeton. You don’t have to be a […]

Fun With Anagrams at Harvard

Mike Mennonno grabbed a good picture yesterday at Harvard.

Red Line Expectations

Yesterday morning I woke up, rolled out of bed, and checked the news. was reporting a disabled train on the Longfellow Bridge, and lots of busing. Today the Globe has a story about the summer of discontent on the Red Line. Key quote from Lydia Rivera, a T spokeswoman: “People that choose to take […]

Telecom Immunity, The Day After

I’ve repeatedly voiced my opposition to granting the telcos immunity for their violations of the law. It seems obvious to me that if you break the law, you should be held accountable in a court. It doesn’t matter who asked you to break the law. It matters whether you broke it or not. That ship […]