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Archive for July, 2008

I’m Not Going to Miss Lugo

I was at the game on Friday. The Red Sox lost.  I swear I’m the only one on the planet this year who has seen more Red Sox losses than wins in Fenway this year. Late in the game, Lugo came up lame and staggered over first. I confess a little bit of me (ok, […]

Me and the Trophy

Shortly after I got back from Japan I got the flu; it was the sickest I’ve been in my adult memory. One of the casualties of that illness were the pictures – I never got around to organizing and posting them. Check this one out. If I get enough feedback, maybe I’ll be inspired to […]

June’s Headline: New Job at HubSpot

Only 3 posts last month – yikes. You’d think being unemployed, I’d have nothing to do but write, but it didn’t work that way at all. It was a very busy few weeks. I spent a few days helping Paul out in his apartment. I helped get my grandmother moved into an assisted living facility […]