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That Was Awful

I’ve been to hundreds of Red Sox games (really, hundreds – you do 10 to 50 games for 18 years, and it adds up). I can’t remember a game as pathetic as tonight’s.

I’ve seen worse pitching before. Beckett wasn’t awful, just not good. I’ve seen worse hitting before. There were some hits, and I’ve seen games with even less “timely” hitting. And the defense has been worse – think about the 90’s, as a whole.

Tonight, the pitching gets a middle grade. The hitting? Awful. The defense? Abysmal. Look at the talent of this team and evaluate the on-field performance tonight.

It may be the worst game that I’ve ever seen.


Comment from Jason Butler
Time: July 31, 2008, 6:44 am

I agree. The last few days have been horrific.

I don’t think this is as bad as the pathetic end of the 2001 season, though. At least we don’t seem to have people like Lansing, Bichette, Kerrigan, Izzy Alcantara, Ugie Urbina and Crazy Carl around the team.

Whenever I get down on Henry, et al, I look at this roster — — and remember how bad the previous administration was.