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Archive for August, 2008

A Little Known Fact. . . .

Shortly after John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, a little riot erupted on Twitter. Little Known Fact: Sarah Palin once bit the head off a live Osprey snatched from the air as it tried to fly off with a fish she caught. I have no idea where it started, but it took […]

MBTA Police Website Reviewed

The Universal Hub has another story about photographers being harassed by the MBTA police. I’ve had it happen to me; I never got around to blogging about it. Suffice it to say there is a police report somewhere in MBTA land where it’s documented that I own a camera and I take pictures with it. […]

What Really Happened in China

The Olymipcs are over, and too many opinion writers and bloggers are feeling all warm and fuzzy about China.  These writers have managed to ignore what was happening in China while they were busy oohing at the fireworks an aahing at the pomp and sighing at the telegenic smiles of the athletes.  What really happened: […]

Donnelly or Hurd?

The post title poses a question for you. Democrats and independents in Arlington, Burlington, Billerica, and parts of Woburn and Lexington have a choice of who to vote for in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, September 16th. Which candidate will you vote for? I’ve already made up my mind. I’m not going to talk about […]

HubSpot In The News

The press is full of HubSpot today.  It’s all very exciting until Obama announces his VP choice and sucks every bit of oxygen out of the press cycle.  Until then, it’s our time to shine! This one is my favorite.  Mass High Tech talks about HubSpot and our 600 customers!  I have to say, it’s […]

The Joys of Insurance Reform

Insurance reform is here! My 2005 Mustang is celebrating it’s third birthday this month. That means the annual insurance policy is up for renewal. The bill from the old company came in the mail – $1050. Every year before this one, I’d pay the bill and that would be the end of the story. There […]

Arlington Schools Not On Fire

Our schools are not on fire or radioactive.  They are not on a bus with a bomb that will go off if the bus slows down below 50mph.  In fact, they are not even “in turmoil,” as much as the Globe would like you to think so. Our superintendent resigned.  That’s it.  School Committee member […]

Posting From the iPhone

At the same time the new iPhone was released, they made it possible to write apps fir the iPhone (every iPhone user knows this, but not all of my readers are techies). One of the apps is a WordPress app. This post is written and published in my iPhone. It looks like I can’t do […]

MBTA Screws Up (Repeatedly)

It’s hard for me to characterize the MBTA’s most recent insanity: Are they in denial about their security problems? Or are they so disconnected from reality that they think they can hide their security problems? Let’s explore the question. First, a review of recent events: Three MIT students study the MBTA’s security and prepare a […]

HubSpot and CIC

There was an article in this Sunday’s Globe Magazine about the office space I’m in. It’s a glowing review. There are even a couple mentions of my company, HubSpot. The article and the spread: