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HubSpot In The News

The press is full of HubSpot today.  It’s all very exciting until Obama announces his VP choice and sucks every bit of oxygen out of the press cycle.  Until then, it’s our time to shine!

This one is my favorite.  Mass High Tech talks about HubSpot and our 600 customers!  I have to say, it’s really weird working at a company that keeps hitting monthly sales goals.  Very nice, of course, but still weird.

Marketing Profs picked up an article written by HubSpot’s Colleen Coyne.  Can I tell you how cool it is to work with an Olympic gold medalist?

That’s Great PR has a decent interview with HubSpot’s VP of Marketing, Mike Volpe.

Mass High Tech has a second article about our webinars.  I can tell you I was shocked when we had to cut off registration to a webinar.  The software couldn’t handle the number of people who tried to sign up!

All of this is queuing up for the Inbound Marketing Summit next month.  We’re selling the last tickets today. I can’t wait to hear Seth Godin and David Meerman Scott.  I’ve read their stuff, but never heard them in person.