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Archive for August, 2008

See You At the Debates, Bitches

I’m pretty much the last person in the world you’d expect to put Paris Hilton on my blog. But this is actually funny. See <a href=”” mce_href=””>Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad</a> and more <a href=”” mce_href=””>funny videos</a> on <a href=”” mce_href=””></a>

Oh, Bloglines

Bloglines is down right now.  Has been for at least an hour.  I can’t read about the election, my friends, local news, professional info, humor, etc.  It’s turned into one of those “holy cow, I use this tool every day, WHAT WOULD I DO IF IT WAS REALLY GONE!” moments.  I hadn’t realized how much […]

So Long, Manny

So long, Manny, and thanks for the trophies.  I was at that train wreck of a game last night, and while I knew intellectually that it might be Manny’s last, I didn’t believe it.  In retrospect I wish I’d watched him a bit more closely, just to squeeze the last drops out of the Manny […]