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So Long, Manny

So long, Manny, and thanks for the trophies.  I was at that train wreck of a game last night, and while I knew intellectually that it might be Manny’s last, I didn’t believe it.  In retrospect I wish I’d watched him a bit more closely, just to squeeze the last drops out of the Manny Era.

I’m glad the trade was done, but I’ll still miss him.  The good parts, that is.  Respect the Tek has it right: “Manny being Manny always was a double-edged sword.”

I look forward to getting to know Jason Bay.  The question now is: Is this the Nomar trade of 2004, the purge that lights the fire?  Or is this 2005, the post-championship year where the team collapsed in injury, age, and indifference in the second half?

Lots of games left to play.