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Archive for September, 2008

Buying a House

I’ve been looking for a house for a few months, and a couple weeks ago I found one that I liked enough to make an offer.  After weeks of back-and-forth, we have a signed offer letter. I wanted to stay in Arlington.  I didn’t really care what part of Arlington.  I want the place to […]

Let a Million Successes Bloom

Bush says that if we don’t do a bailout, then we’ll get a recession. It’s tough to argue that, but. . . when there are huge financial mistakes, don’t you expect a recession? I’m unconvinced that a bailout actually averts a recession. It just costs more. Brad Feld: “I reread Nassim Nicholas Taleb’ brilliant book […]

Don’t Do That Bailout

President Bush has proposed a three-page document that he says will cost up to $700 billion of taxpayer’s money. There aren’t many people who think that the document has enough detail. There aren’t many that think it actually will stop at $700 billion. Senator Dodd puts it better than I could: “After reading this proposal, […]

McCain Will Regret Skipping Letterman

McCain suspended his campaign today to that he could focus on the economy.  He canceled his appearance on the Letterman show . . . but still had time to talk to Katie Couric.  Letterman let him have it. Check it out at I assume that link will come down sooner than later, so here […]

This Cracked Me Up

Marketing humor for all you Mac/PC ad fans: The actors here are our VP of sales and our sales manager.  The marketing department cooked up a script and they ran with it. The blooper reel at the end is hysterical.

MBTA Bike Racks at Alewife

The T blew up a few bike racks at Alewife over the summer. There has been construction activity at the old locations. There have been a lot of bikes locked to railings with the remaining bike racks overflowing. Today I rolled up to the remaining bike racks and a couple security guards were passing out […]

Why I’m Voting for Jack Hurd

I’ve had the opportunity to both work with Jack Hurd and watch him from a distance. He’s a good person, an excellent listener, a good communicator, and wise in his decisions. I’m proud to support him for State Senate. I first watched Jack when I was new to Town Meeting, the spring of 2002, and […]

David Foster Wallace

Evidently David Foster Wallace committed suicide.  I mourn his passing. When I read Infinite Jest, it was a revelation in reading. I hadn’t read a book that stretched my brain like that since. . .  learning to read.  His development, plot, imagery, sentence construction, thought patterns, characters, and vocabulary stretched me and challenged me.  Just […]

Maybe This Explains Tuesday’s Dinger

Everybody else in the Red Sox world has probably seen this already, but I’m just digging out my inbox, and I only saw it today. Papelbon in a high school talent show.  It needs to be seen.


A week without a post.  Ugh!  Here are the excuses, perhaps as a form of update: I’ve been spending a lot of time at Lambda Phi of Alpha Delta Phi.  I’m delighted to report they got 19 pledges. A fair amount of time at work.  Finished Sprint 2, kicked off Sprint 3. Three Red Sox […]