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Archive for October, 2008

Life Update

18 days without a post.  What’s up with that?  When I last wrote, I was on a tear – I’d been posting regularly for weeks, and had a backlog of things to write about.  Without warning, I hit a dryspell.  I find it easiest breaking these spells by just spewing for a few minutes about […]

High Altitude Leadership

I don’t read too many books in the management/MBA genre.  Low signal to noise, in general.  I bought one today on Amazon, and I can’t wait to read it: High Altitude Leadership, by Chris Warner and Don Schminke. Don is a fraternity brother.  He didn’t start out as an author.  It’s been interesting watching him […]

The End of Wilkerson

Sen. Dianne Wilkerson appeared in court today on charges that she’s been taking bribes.  She already lost the Democratic primary and has been running a last-gasp write-in effort to retain her seat.  This headline should finally sink her ship. I’m not at all sorry to see her go.  I’ve been a critic of her for […]

Watching the Red Sox Clinch

I’ve had multiple requests about Monday’s game. I don’t think I could describe it, couldn’t do it justice. I got enough requests that  I’ll give it a try. I’ll set the stage a bit by saying that I was at Sunday’s game, the loss, the night before.  That was a long, slow, game, but dramatic and […]

Weather Note from Mount Washington

While we’ve been enjoying our beatiful fall weather, here comes a note from the north.  And not the Far North – from just 150 miles, a three-hour car ride north, comes the first snow of the year.  There’s enough snow on Mt. Washington to take out the snowboard. I hurriedly put on my plastic boots, […]

Cops Blocking Road Work, Breaking Laws

Universal Hub points out the ongoing stupidity of the police unions on the civilian flagger issue.  NECN has video of “off duty cops harassing the flaggers, driving into oncoming traffic. . . the worksite temporarily shut down.” I can’t say I’m unhappy about these incredibly stupid protests.  If the police unions were playing this smarter, […]

The Parrot in the Red Sox Bullpen

For reasons that defy logic, the most popular post on my blog my post from last summer about the parrot in the Red Sox bullpen.  I’m not one to argue.  I people love the parrot, they love the parrot.  Here’s a parrot update: The parrot has been absent all year.  I saw 20ish games, and […]

Bike Rack at Alewife Fails at Two Weeks

With much fanfare, the MBTA announced the availablility of secure bike racks at Alewife station two weeks ago.  At the time I was guardedly optimistic, but worried about maintenance.  I should have know better; the MBTA can’t keep anything in working order.  How secure is a bike cage with a door that won’t close? I […]

Police Unions Win Battle While Losing War

Massachusetts is the only state that doesn’t have civilian flaggers at road construction sites.  It is the only state that has police for all street work.  Many have tried to change the policy, only to be thwarted by the unions’ clout in the legislature.  Governor Patrick forced a policy change through a regulation, avoiding the […]

909 Votes

Sarah Palin got 909 votes when she ran for mayor of Wasilla in 1999.  I got 1506 votes when I ran for state rep in 2004.   I’m just sayin’.