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Bike Rack at Alewife Fails at Two Weeks

With much fanfare, the MBTA announced the availablility of secure bike racks at Alewife station two weeks ago.  At the time I was guardedly optimistic, but worried about maintenance.  I should have know better; the MBTA can’t keep anything in working order.  How secure is a bike cage with a door that won’t close?

I first noticed the problem last week, on the 26th.  As I approached the cage I noticed that it had far more bikes than any other day so far.  As I got closer, I realized the door was open! It wasn’t wedged open or anything; it just hung there loose, swinging in the breeze.  I looked to see if there was any obvious vandalism but didn’t see anything.  I parked my bike and went down to the station.  I found an MBTA employee and told her about the door.  She said she’d have someone look at it.  When I returned to the cage (not the same day), it was fixed.  I didn’t blog about it because I figured it was a minor snag.

Today when I parked my bike, the door was open again.  It wasn’t swinging loose, but the door would only close part way.  You had to push it closed.  I again looked for vandalism and didn’t see any.

Again, i went down to the station and found an MBTA employee.  I told him the problem.  He replied that he’d called the problem in, but no one would fix anything.  He went on a long rant about mangement, two years without an employment contract, bad faith negotiating, $300,000 bike racks, four-foot door hinges on five-foot doors, and repeatedly told me that I shouldn’t hold my breath for a fix.  At 7:30 tonight I got back to Alewife.  I can’t say I was surpised to see the door to the bike cage hanging open.

So, what do you think?  My bet is that it gets fixed again later this month, breaks again later this month, and is left to swing loose until it is permanently damaged by vandals.  Any takers?


Comment from AO
Time: October 6, 2008, 9:51 pm

I saw the door wide open this am. I put in an email complaint. We need people vocal about this!

Comment from dunster
Time: October 7, 2008, 1:45 am

I’m complaining each time I go to Alewife. So far no luck. Still broken.