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The Parrot in the Red Sox Bullpen

For reasons that defy logic, the most popular post on my blog my post from last summer about the parrot in the Red Sox bullpen.  I’m not one to argue.  I people love the parrot, they love the parrot.  Here’s a parrot update:

The parrot has been absent all year.  I saw 20ish games, and there was no parrot in the bullpen.  Until! Sunday’s game featured the parrot, and tonight too.  The parrot these days is perched on a baseball.  

Side note: tonight may have been the best game I’ve ever seen.  The highs, the lows, the great plays, the great pitching, the clutch hitting – just great.  I’ll be able to ignore Francona’s blunders and bask in the glow.

Back to the parrot:

it\'s a parrot!


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