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Archive for November, 2008

More Alewife Leaking

I got an email from a fellow Arlingtonian with some video of Alewife in the rain; he’d seen my post about Alewife leaking. It’s a cell phone video so the quality isn’t that great, but the subject matter is pretty clear. Is that column supposed to be spurting water? I can just hear Dan Grabauskas […]

The Sources of the Financial Crisis

October was a month of breathless financial reporting.  There was a lot to be breathless about – the markets were crazy, day after day after day.  I know that every editor told every reporter “Explain why this is happening!” It was what the readers wanted, and hell, it might even land a Pulitzer if you […]

Sloshing Through Alewife

Alewife station is such a dump.  Every time it rains the lobby is littered with bowls, small trash barrels, and giant, rolling trash barrels, each centered under a leak.  Most of them are overflowing. I confess that I drove to Alewife today, rather than bike – the heavy rain turned me into a wuss.  At […]

The Usefulness of Twitter

I started Twitter the way many people do: by mocking it.  “Why would anyone want to know what I’m having for breakfast?”  After enough positive reviews, I figured what’s the harm in giving it a try?  I tried. It moved from “try” to an interesting experiment to a real medium.  I have more regular Twitter […]

A Bad Time to Be Gay in California or Asian in Florida

Obama is going to be President.  That’s a big historical milestone for our country, and I’m glad I could witness it.  On a more tactical level, I can’t say that I’m excited about it.  Passing union-supported card-check legislation?  Writing blank checks to failing car companies? I’m not jumping for joy.  I will admit it beats […]