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Archive for February, 2009

Real or Onion: Mass Hires Spending Czar

My friends and I play a silly game online.  We send each other news headlines on instant messenger under the headline of “Real or Onion.”  To win, you have to fool your opponent into mis-classifying the headline.  “Congressman Wants to Talk with Rodriguez” – it’s real, on right now.  “Genetic  Experiment Goes Horribly Right” […]

Truck Day

Today was Truck Day.  I rooted through my closet this morning and carefully chose what to wear.  The Red Sox red socks that Aunt Ellen gave me were guaranteed.  First try was the 2004 long-sleeve shirt with my Youk game jersey over it.  Turned out the jersey had some beer stains (how did those get […]

Truth in Advertising

Found via Jay and idly. I actually drive an American car, so I don’t think they’re all shitty.  But the point stands.  When I work for a company that can’t sell enough product to stay alive, I expect the company to go bankrupt and I expect to lose my job.  Seems straightforward enough to me.