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Archive for March, 2009

A Toy for All Ages

After my grandfather died, my grandmother was ready to get rid of a lot of the “stuff” the family had accumulated in the 65 years they’d lived in the house on Abbott road.  I would visit my grandmother and she’d tell me to “Pick something and take.  Find something you like and take it with […]

What About the Other $169,835,000,000?

I’ve been getting more and more annoyed as the AIG bonus scandal has cranked up into a hysterical tornado of indignant politicians performing before the similarly self-indulgent press corp.  Let’s take a step back and look at what’s happened so far. The government has handed over $170 billion to AIG.  That’s $170,000,000,000. Less than .1% […]

Alpha Delta Phi v. Fred Phelps

I worked for my fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi, for a couple years in the mid-90’s.  Our chapter at the University of Chicago was coming through a rough period back then, and I spent many an evening there talking to officers, giving advice at chapter meetings, and working with alumni.  And I made some life-long friends […]

Betty Dunn for Town Clerk (Windham, NH)

My mother is running for Town Clerk in Windham.  She’s on the ballot against the long-time incumbent and the incumbent’s deputy.  She’s got a website up, Betty Dunn for Town Clerk.  On the site she articulates why she’s the right woman for the job.  Please give it a read and contact her with any questions. […]

Finance Committee FY10 – Budget Decision Delay

Black text is mostly objective, red text is mostly subjective in nature.  We’ve had five FinCom meetings this year so far.  I missed two (out sick).  I only put up notes on some FinCom meetings, partly because of my time constraints, party because some of the stuff is just too dry to get excited writing about. […]