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Alpha Delta Phi v. Fred Phelps

I worked for my fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi, for a couple years in the mid-90’s.  Our chapter at the University of Chicago was coming through a rough period back then, and I spent many an evening there talking to officers, giving advice at chapter meetings, and working with alumni.  And I made some life-long friends – I keep up with the UC goings-on.

I was scanning the blogs today, and Towleroad caught my eye: “Frat Boys Offer Fred Phelps An Animal House Protest For Tolerance.”  I looked at the video, and damn if that isn’t the ADPhi front porch!  I’m so proud of these guys. Who knew, sitting there in that house in 1996, that the chapter would be making headlines against bigotry.  It reminds me why I volunteer in the first place.

You can read a bit more about the event on the school paper.


Comment from eric
Time: March 13, 2009, 8:09 am

I love this! There’s no better way to fight hatemongers than with a smile and a little half-naked robe dancing outdoors! It’s a peaceful protest and obviously affected this group to the point they refused to stop and start preaching, which says a lot. Kudos!