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Archive for May, 2009

Zombie Alert System Testing Fine

Universal Hub remains my best blog read of the day.  Sometimes I feel silly reposting the best-of-UH, but until my friends tell me they’re reading UH too, I’ll keep passing on these gems.  Earlier in the week, UH shared this exchange on Twitter:           Someone in the police department has retained […]

Dick Cheney Is Trying To Sell You A Rock

Dick Cheney has been actively defending his administration’s policies.  He knows (I think) that those policies were soundly rejected by the American people last year, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to convince everyone that he was right.  Maybe he’s making his case for the historians? One of his repeated themes is that the […]

Red Line Train To Myself

I got to the Alewife platform this morning at about 11:10, as a train was pulling out. There was a second train there, empty, doors closed. It looked like it was going out if service. I waited on the platform with a few dozen others. Another train came in. Everyone unloaded.  Immediately, the loud departure […]

Timmy Wakefield

I went to the Sox game on Tuesday with Karl.  It was a nice night with great weather.  We sat next to a nice woman who had last been to the park to see Yastremski, in 1979.  And Tim Wakefield pitched a gem.  He gave up one run in 8 innings, and the game lasted only […]

Guns, Booze, Kids, and Credit Cards

Imagine for a moment that you’re an 18-year-old US citizen.  By law, you can: buy a gun get married have kids join the military go to war You cannot: buy a beer get a credit card That latest entry is a new one.  It’s one of the not-very-publicized sections of the credit card reform act […]

An Ode to Red Sox 2008 at the Plate

This guy’s pretty funny. If you don’t have the patience for the full 2:29, use this link to skip to the 1:47 mark and watch the Youkilis impression. Found via The Red Seat on Facebook.

Ending the Drought

This video is as good a reason as any to break my posting drought. I want to bring them into the office to play Beirut.