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Archive for July, 2009

A Fantastic Wedding

First, a story: when my brother was married, he avoided the wedding planning like the plague.  I was totally with him on this – I can’t imagine fretting about the details. He did offer one suggestion, the entrance music for the newly married couple at the reception.  His wife-to-be, whom I love dearly, was happy […]

Remembering Grandma

My father’s father was the first of my grandparents to die.  I remember snippets and images of him, but nothing of his personality.  He died when I was young.  I remember his funeral, but didn’t really understand what it meant. My father’s mother was next.  She died while I was in college, a few months […]

The Landlord From Hell

Mike sent over this link today. It’s a hysterical read. Start from the bottom and read up, then read page 1.  It’ll take a few minutes, but the humor is there from the beginning.

United Breaks Guitars

This nicely written country tune is a lesson to companies everywhere: the customer you piss off next might be the one who obliterates millions of dollars of brand advertising.