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Four Videos

Brilliant, blog-worthy thoughts continue to elude me.  But I still come across some pretty good links, so I might as well share them.  Today is all video.

First off, the melting bunny.  Weighing in at 2:36, it’s easily worth it.  My mother’s emailed comment is quite telling: “Although the net result was the same as my method, I found the actual dropping of the eyeballs quite distressing.”  I leave her personal bunny story to your collective, fervid imagination.

Second off, same source, “Revenge,” a quick 2:38.  I think it’s poorly titled.  To me, that’s a movie about tension and anticipation – I stared, unblinking and terrified that I’d miss the moment of climax.

Third link is a huge change of pace, so you might want to read your email for a minute to cleanse your visual palate.  Seasame Street sends us on a massive drug trip. I remember thinking this was pretty cool as a kid.  Now, I recognize this for what it really was: a 2:43-long advertisement for drug use.

The last link is for all three of my readers who share my love of all things Annie Lennox.  Evidently she handed the keys of her musical castle to DJEarworm, and the result is pretty impressive.  4:34 of Annie Lennox musical genius.


Comment from Wayne
Time: August 4, 2009, 3:01 am

Dan, the Sesame Street video is a compilation of all of the available number pinball video clips. I think the originals are much better than the “remix,” and Jonah likes them too. Unfortunately, some of them are a bit hard to find in good quality on youtube.